Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It's been one long minute innit....I've not been here in a bit partly my fault and partly the fault of those who have PhD syndrome PhD being (pull her down). Well I'm back, I know I'm really lazy and I have all these disconnected thoughts, but I'd try my best to put up some posts for people that actually care and y'all would go a long way encouraging me if you could not only rush in read the posts and rush out, take the time to comment and tweet links and all it would mean more than you can ever begin to imagine to me....:) thanks. However on my own part I'd reply and all and y'all can give ideas and all on stuff you'd wanna hear or see on here you can send me mails, but please this ain't a dating site so try not to send mails about wanting to hook up with me and ish I ain't here for that and I won't reply your mails :) please comply thanks I love y'all and I'd try as much as possible to be responsive :D well....I'm back I guess #kkbye

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey

"Its so loud inside my head with words that I should have said, As I drown in my regrets I can't take the words I never said....."

 You know there are just some songs that make...if there's anything like too much sense....that's what that song made, I am not a rap person yeah I'm more into rock and the likes but hearing 'The show goes on' I decided to download the whole album and this song was the one that touched me most, the first time I listened to it well it was as usual Skylar Grey that caught my attention I didn't focus on the lyrics, then after Osama's death I saw a clip of the video on CNN I decided to listen to the lyrics. The chorus or is it hook they call it now first hooked me then cos I barely heard most of what he said I went off to google the lyrics (hey google is ma friend na). Well lemme just tell you what I gained from the song as we all have diff views on stuff it will be the same for this song like me he thinks war on terror is a bunch of bullshit, just an excuse to use up bullets (true some ppl just like blasting things) well some of the things he's on about I really don't get which is ma fault I don't read news papers x_x my bad @Abdulrahym always talks about them stuff I may ask, I'll probably forget( well the thought matters) he say 'I'm a part of the problem,my problem is I'm peaceful and I believe in people' its not a bad thing but a word sometimes may be enough we just never try.
Then verse two was just the (point and kill) he wants to make some points clear, he goes Jihad isn't a holy war (jihad is a term which means struggle and is a religious duty of muslims and it means much more than a holy war) he really doesn't support all the violence now who would the people who aint suffering from the repercussion....he ends it saying
'I think that all the silence is worse than the violence'
'Fear is such a weak emotion that's why I despise it't
'We scared of almost everything afraid to even tell the truth'
'So scared of what you think of me, I'm scared of even telling you'
'My screams is finally getting free, my thoughts is finally yelling through'
We really shouldn't be afraid to speak our minds it may seem like the scariest thing to do and some may rather die than say how they're feeling but its time to stop being scared we need to take back what is ours from these tyrants....the world be waiting on us and never say I'm too young....think about this is anyone too young to die???
DO THE RIGHT thing....
I can't take back the WORDS NEVER SAID....
Lasers<----if you aint got this album...what you waiting for?? Go get yours now :D :*

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It is Well

*sigh* When peace like a river attendeth my way when sorrows like sea billows roll whatever my....this song means a lot to me quite frankly one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard, its funny the year I heard it, was a horrid year (ironic yeah) it was that year when Stella Obasanjo and all those Loyola students died (God rest their souls) sad year, it was rendered by Chuto a girl in my school that year she had lost someone in the crash, and when she sang it I could tell it was from the depth of her soul. That year I remember I sat there in my seat crying and at the same time trying to be hard... You see death is something we just can't deal with I mean we lose people every day one would think it would get easier, hell we hope it would get easier but I just doesn't you still feel the pang, the silence the pain of where they used to be in your heart now silent lost forever.... You want to say don't go I still need you but there's just not the time you see, one minute they're there and the next they're gone *poof* just like that away from our lives our point of sight we can't pick up the phone and dial and expect them to pick but they don't cause they're gone...
   Don't go please we'd want to shout but they don't hear us anymore every one says you have to be strong it will get better one day and I'm like fuck this don't patronise me I'm fucking tired of being strong, and it never gets better we just learn to suppress it, don't you tell me it was destiny, let me rage at the world it won't make me better but I won't keep it within and let it fester, I want to even rage at God its hard really hard at those times you wonder why?? But I loved them you get that confused look on you face why did they have to go you try to understand you keep chanting to yourself "it was Gods will they're in a better place" you feel if you say it long enough you will believe it but goddamn its sa freaking hard...I can't stop crying you wanna ask God why did she have to lose her dad a day before her birthday where's the fairness there...I'm typing then the notice comes up its her birthday but he aint here to see he will never see her grow into a young woman he will never see her kids, there'll always b that stigmata I lost my dad the day before my birthday I'm trying to wipe my tears but as I type they increase, its like I've kept it all inside all this while but to be honest I'm scared, I wish it were because I was scared to die that's not it at all, I think of my family my friends I don't think I'll be able to deal if I lost even the farthest from close I just want them to be there jeez I wish I could care less I just can't then I pause and the song starts playing in my head again, I'm trying to stop crying but I guess I've reached my threshold I just can't hold it in anymore I'm trying to banish the song from my head its not well I tell myself....DON'T GO....I forgot to say I love you....:( its too late....I LOVE YOU yes you, even you there and you reading this....this is from my heart no editing no corrections just plain me....I'll miss you forever and a day more Rest in as much as it hurts God is always there to pick the broken pieces and there's always someone who cares it dawns on me I'm truly blessed and then I realize in every situation he's there with me and with you yes you.... and that brings me peace it has truly taught me to say it is well...IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL......cos it really is.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lil bits of L.O.V.E.

LOVE starts with a SMILE, grows with a KISS, and ends with a TEAR. DON'T cry over anyone who won't cry over you. Good FRIENDS are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. You can only go as far as you push. ACTIONS speak louder than words. The HARDEST thing to do is watch the one you love, love somebody else. DON'T let the past hold you back, you're missing the good stuff. LIFE'S SHORT. If you don't look around once in a while you might miss it. A BEST FRIEND is like a four leaf clover, HARD TO FIND and LUCKY TO HAVE. Some people make the world SPECIAL just by being in it. BEST FRIENDS are the siblings God forgot to give us. When it HURTS to look back, and you're SCARED  to look ahead, you can look beside you and your BEST FRIEND will be there. TRUE FRIENDSHIP "NEVER" ENDS.
Friends are FOREVER. Good friends are like STARS You don't always see them, but you know they are ALWAYS THERE. DON'T frown, you never know who is falling in love with your smile. "What do you do when the only person who can make you stop crying is the person who made you cry?" Nobody is perfect until you fall! in love with them. Everything is okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end. Most people walk in and out of your life, but only FRIENDS leave footprints in your heart.

"I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly."
"God grant Me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference"
...............When I was in secondary school some guy that liked me sent me this via email it was the in thing then, I loved the words then and I still do just wanted to share it with y'all and all my loved ones and to those who don't believe in love be very afraid cause it is the most powerful force and it will catch you whether you like it or not...(yes you...its you I'm talking to....believe)
Love= God and God = Love its just like sinzu it is equal to sinzu.....

 Love like friendship is like a round as it is there ain't no breaks and it never ends it could get cracked and thats why we have the smiths to make it brand new once again....never throw it away :)

Beyonce- Lets Move "Move ya body"

So I just saw this video on a friend of mine's page on Facebook and I just had to share it with y'all OK its like a remix of Beyonce's old song Get me bodied but its called move your body its meant to be kinda like a work out video(if I had her as a PE teacher now that would have been great) and yeah I'm guessing she's the only one that can pull off a cool running man in heels and her Dougie is just so cool well I looooooove the video (Y) keeping it for my eyes only would have been so selfish hence.....:D

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dance (1)

So there was a time that dance was my passion, yes I loved it more than writing... don't ask me what happened, frankly speaking I don't know x_x. Well I also loved Jabbawockeez they were this group on Americans best dance crew, I was dead for them and this was one of my performances they were to do Lean with it rock with it by Dem Franchise boys (wonder where those ones are now tho...*shrugs* not like I care :p)
Yup there they are Jabbawockeez....I always wondered why they wore masks well my question was answered at one of their presentations they said or should I say one of 'em said, "we wear mask so that we would be in sync and people would see or fluidity...." On point dancers men!!! I looooooooooooove them :D watch for when one of 'em caught a 'kerchief outta the air while still doing his flairs...I'll be uploading all ma favorite dance videos y'all gotta enjoy 'em :* I don't get how they get to practice and look good cos they live in diff states and only have a couple of hours to practice....they just good mayne!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention they won their season???
I still love you dance, you just ain't my first love no more.....

Hello :$

 I been away for a while x_x nothing to say really
been having what y'all call writers block i call it scattered thoughts
when I arrange 'em amma b back in full force :D
                                                             Loopy :*

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Night Of The Wolf

"Out of the darkness, I'll appear, to dismiss all your sorrows and replace them with happiness"
His words echoed in her mind as she was awakened from her sleep by something which had not been there before. She'd had a headache earlier that day. It began while she was arguing with Jeffrey.
It had taken her more than a year to realise how much she hated Jeffrey and loathed his very aura and soul. But now, she was all past that. She knew he had left, probably to spend the night with one of his mistresses. And then, she sensed whatever had woken her up and knew it was him. He was always around at nights like this.
The room was dark and she knew all the maids and household personnel would have retired to their respective rooms, leaving the house in a state of slumber. She blinked in the darkness and then saw his eyes. They glowed, gathering light and mirroring it back. She reached out and turned on the bedside light and there it stood, bigger than any normal wolf. It stared back at her with eyes quite unlike any ordinary ones.
In a blink, the animal vanished and a man she recognised stood before her. "It's you," she whispered. She stood and a pair of strong male arms closed around her. She shivered for a second and then yielded to the body, warm and strong behind her.
His hands roamed over her body, searching, testing, exploring until, at last, caressing. "Yes." Then she made a small sound. At that, his animal instinct awoke and was driven into a frenzy. He moved her to the bed and said "I can touch you. I can smell you." He bent her body back over his arm and buried his face between her breasts. "Now I want to taste you."
She stood and he knelt before her. He parted her thighs with his hands. "How do I taste?" she asked. But he didn't answer. He was ... preoccupied. A few seconds later, so was she because her sex had begun to pulsate in time to the beating of her heart.
"I am a wolf. I do a lot of things better than a man. You are a clumsy kind. Your talents lie in other directions." At the last word, he took a gentle bite that sent ripples of energy up her spine.
The sheer flow of raw pleasure drowned her will, her intellect, and, finally, her very consciousness of self. Suddenly, he reached out and touched a breast and a savage hunger awoke in her. She wanted him to wipe out her consciousness, her will, as he had the first time. His explorations were now intimate and she found herself electrified by some of the places he found to investigate. He felt the stiffness of her nipples as his thumbs brushed over them.
Finally, he entered her, her hands guiding him in. He started off gently until she wrapped her legs around him, making a whimpering sound. How these noises made his animal side react, he had no idea, but then, he knew it was all he could do to stop the wolf from taking full control. "Deeper," she whispered. "Yes, oh." Her legs, wrapped around him, were as strong as steel. Her nails raked his back, digging his skin, as he drove into her, again and again and again, until she screamed and arched her back beneath him. As she did, he came.
She didn't know how long she slept in his arms, but when she woke she could tell that it was almost dawn.
Not a man, but a wolf lay beside her. He was a giant, even as the mountain wolves went, and she knew he had but toyed with Jeffrey that night. No mere man could stand against this creature. The chain on her neck moved and one of his ears moved. Even in his sleep, she knew he heard the sound. And like that, they lay, him snoozing, she staring at his body, both oblivious of time & space.
Suddenly, sounds outside the room shifted them back to the real world. Apparently, Jeffrey had arrived. From there, things happened very quick. Chris was a wolf again, and Jeffrey, in seeming foolishness, pounced straight on the menacingly giant-sized wolf. The look of fear was evident on Susan's face, as she covered her eyes with her hands, expecting Jeffrey to be mauled immediately. Instead, she heard the muffled sounds of the two bodies wrestling & struggling and the crash of the bedside lamp.
The suprise she felt when she saw Jeffrey & Chris-wolf tumbling all over the rug was tremendous. Jeff had been a linebacker in high school but never would anyone have imagined he could actually engage in mortal combat with this creature from the jaws of hell. All of a sudden, she noticed Jeff's face. 'This is not the man I married', she kept thinking. He looked totally different and not because of any injuries inflicted by Chris. Then she noticed his fangs. Her scream at that discovery seemed to remind both men of her existence. Before she fainted, she asked herself how she had been married to a vampire for all these years...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



100 facts about me

These are 100 facts about me there are probably more...but I had to limit my self
100. My name is Ogagaroghenemewhorhe Enameguono Omotevherhuvwu Cecilia Okparavero :|
99. I am gonna be 19 this year
98. I am a last born...
97. I've been in 3 relationships
96.The longest lasted 6months
95. The shortest 1 1/2 weeks
94. I hate tea #bleh
93 I spent 7 years in secondary school (sad innit)
92. I went to an all girls secondary school (and no I'm not a lesbian :|)
91. I'm a one naira girl believe it or not
90. My popsi pays my BIS....(ehen so!!! As I'm a baby ko???)
89. I'm skinny
88. I'm a size 0
87. I love my body
86. I think I'm pretty (agree or die its that simple)
85. I love reading novels
84. I'm asthmatic....
83. I hate people pitying me....
82. I'm a shy person (nobody believes me but there it is
81. I don't suffer fools gladly...(Like really if u dnt know shut the eff up dnt show you are dumber than you look)
80. I'm a very serious person!!! I barely smile *yimu*
79. I do what you want to but don't have the guts to...
78. I'm not a dress person...I don't really like restricting...
77. I absolutely hate being ignored (yo!!! When I talk to you freaking answer me *rme*)
76. I hate being on my period...(Like really why can't it be like you know girls 6months then guys six months *rme*)
75. I have a phobia for cats....(Geez they make my skin crawl...ewwww!!! No matter how cute they are)
74. I love assuming people (they always give me something to laugh about...because they are almost always wrong) *shrugs*
73. I'm scared of girls X_x (I mean if I just meet a girl for the first time I'm mute and uncomfortable...ion noe why tho
72. I love boys....<3 <3 <3 (intelligent guys tho...ion like dullards...-_- huge turn off....
71. I do not like guys that are full of themselves they are always full of shit...
70. I don't like shouted prayers...
69. I don't do 69....:D ;)
67. When I stand for something...I don't deviate ever...
66. I am very rational...
65..I am not very trusting
64. I think of every single thing I do before I do it...
63. Everything I do I do for a reason...
62. I'm not a smarty pants...(Yes I'm serious)
61. I'm not assuming (I don't believe errtn I hear)
60. I keep everything on a need to know basis (if I don't need to know hunnay please don't tell me aii)
59. I hate washing (jeez anything washing at all plates, clothes, cars, etc.
58. I love ironing... Ironic innit
57. The only thing creative about me is erm...maybe writing...I love writing but I'm so damned lazy about it
56. I don't like watching tv
55. Left alone I could become a recluse (I love my own company like really books are better than ppl...)
54. I love Matthew 6 verse 7-8
53. I never say behind you what I can't say in front of you...
52. I'm a thug...that's what my friend says sha!!! I can't know...
51. I can't play video games...X_x
50. I'm scared of learning how to drive (true yarns tho)
49. I absolutely hate crying and clingy children...eww!!!
48. I love adorable quiet and happy children...:) (they make you wanna have yours)
47. I got my first dog when I was 3 he died last year...I still miss him...he gave me my first scar :)
46. Dogs love me...I wonder why
45. I'm 5ft 6 inches tall X_X
44. I always wanted to model I guess God had other plans that's why he made me short :(
43. I say exactly what I mean...that's why most times I like talking about meaningless things
42. I like people assuming I'm a fool it suits my purposes well :D
41. I hate being told what to do ( for that reason I do things well right enuf...
40. I like opposing people its fun mostly when they start paraing and imma be laughing like a hyena (especially ma first...smh such an angry boy)
39. Novels whether paper back or e-book I love :)
38. I love my eyes and my eye lashes....what its a fact about me na
37. Some people think I'm vain maybe I am beht really what's there not to b vain about??? Huh?? :p
36. I hate pringles...ewwwww!!!!
35. I talk before I think sometimes
34. This peak awards I'm gonna vote for Funmi @sm1pretty for most beautiful till my hands burn cos she's beautiful both in and out...
33. I'm addicted to twitter
32. I don't get least I've not had cause to be yet....
31. When I'm insulted I smile....ion know why it makes me smile I'm yet to understand sha!!!
30. I laugh at the oddest upsets people sometimes but that only increases the laughter *shrugs*
29. I listen a lot...especially to what you don't want me to hear ;)
28. I AM NOT A SNOB....
27 I have a weird sense of humour...
26. I am very easy to talk to...
25. I could be very mean!!!
24. When I like someone he will never know....but ion form *shrugs* its just the way I am
23. I turn heads...I may not be all that hot but I do turn heads...
22. I have a problem with saying I love you...I may really want to say it but it sorta just gets hooked in ma throat...X_X
21. The next facts are well....facts ;) personal tho...
20. I don't like cross examinations...please please don't question what I do!!!!
19. I love my friends...if I say you are my friend you will be until u say you don't want to be by your actions....
18. I love happy endings...not as much as @sm1pretty but you know na ;)
17. I like Paul's eyebrows
16. I like his butt as well <3 <3
15 My bb...I wouldn't say my life that's to well intense its indispensable sha...
14. I love it a story review or diss ;)
13. I'm proud...I don't beg I hate saying please but I'm very polite...
12. I don't lie believe it or not I'll either change the subject or b silent if ion wanna tell the truth...
11. I'm loyal to a fault!!!! Shii I'm like a guy in that aspect I always keep my word...if you are my friend you are lucky trust me....
10 I live music....christian rock crunk rap grime....I love em all mostly rock tho :)
9. I love my fam...Femi, Sandra, Gina, Olamz, Kachi, Steph, Sonia, Funmi, Ishioma, Henry, Slimm etc...
8.I don't get angry I'm a very happy person :D
7. I get hurt I'm not "hard" I bleed red...I just don't show don't pay to be vulnerable *shrugs*
6. I love shoes!!!! Choi!!!!
5. I love my family :) mum stace n dad ({})
4. I love gadgets, and fixing stuff :)
3. I love a certain boy whose names have 19 letters :| :x don't ask, won't tell :) and its mutual :D
2. I love me....
1. I love God....the holy trinity the author and finisher of my life....
That's it its a hundred facts about me things some of y'all didn't know :) *whew my hands hurt* :(....uh well enjoy :D when I got done with this I remembered other stuff I wanted to write so I guess that's a story for another day.....oopsy daisy!!! This is long :$

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey

his peeps from back in the days...
Skylar Grey
 When the video began you can see the pain in his eyes as he remembers everything that has happened in the past...he remembers Tupac (RIP) Snoop Dogg, Eazy E (RIP) then he remembers Eminem.. Apparently he hit some rough patches and the people he expected to be at his side, were no where to be found he lost his son can imagine how he felt like he failed in his duties as a father and all, then he gets into his car and starts speeding  then silence, then I heard, "Goodnight daddy" then the car crashed, my heart skipped bone....I'm just glad it didn't really happen. then...Skylar Grey starts singing, "I'm about to lose my mind you've been gone for so long I'm running out of time I need a doctor call me a doctor I need a doctor, doctor to bring me back to life" then Eminem comes in he looks at Dr. Dre on life support he's not okay with that...his rap was basically about how he said and I quote "you came to me when I was at my lowest you picked me up, breathing life in me I owe my life to you....
"But for the life of me, you don't see it like I do but it just dawned on me you lost a son demons fighting you,its dark...." August 23, 2008 he lost his son Andre Young to drugs I think he was just 20 years old
Andre Young
Then he says,"Dre I'm crying in this booth you saved my life, now maybe its my turn to save yours but I can never repay you, what you did for me was way more but I aint giving up faith and you aint giving up on me.....Get up Dre,I'm dying, I need you, come back for fuck's sake...." (this really touched me) then at that moment Dr. Dre opened his eyes....I sighed, I didn't even realize I'd been holding my breath. They show him exercising his body( he has such broad shoulders....I'd love to see him without a shirt :x am I a pervert??? X_X)
Eric "Eazy E" Wright
No father should have to go through
Then he did his part...."....all I see is Slim fuck all you fair weather friends all I need is him effn backstabbers (the swears were getting much) when the chips wr down you laffd at us..." Then I liked this line "you can kiss my indecisive ass crack, maggots, and the crackers ass Little cracker Jack, beat-making wackass backward producers I'm back bastards"<------y'all heard!!!! Then at the end of the video they show somebody's grave site Eric Wright aka Eazy E (1963- 1995) RIP............... 
Mayne.....all in all I give the video a whooping 10/10 if you don't agree with kind enough to say why!!!!! And on billboards the song is No. 11 only 5 weeks!!!! Big ups Sir!!!  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chris Brown (Feat. Busta Rhymes Lil Wayne) - Look At Me Now

      Ok the vid starts its real colourful yeah...we see CB fixing some stuff...I like to think maybe that's the past when he was still growing, then we see Busta briefly then we see Lil Weezy flexing and doing what ever he was doing then the opening credits roll then we see CB and his dancing crew, then he says, "I don't see how you can hate from outside of the can't even get in" for some reason this cracks me the hell up swear down, then he does that laugh....:D *choi* (that thing go pain sha) then he throws some maahd moves (make pesn come tell me say CB no dey dance,I go re arrange your face) *sigh* then he starts (I won't say singing or rapping he was sha doing something and it was cool so.... Then he said 'I get what you get in 10 years in two days' (ouch!!!) Then he said somn I like 'oops I said on my dick, I really didn't mean to say on my dick but since we talking about my dick, all of you here have to say hi to it...I'm done'
      Then Busta says somn like 'lemme show you how to keep the dice rolling ehen you doing that thing over there homie!!!' and dammit he did....Shiiii he want H.A.M on the beat what the hell!!! If his lyrics were on the song alone, maybe sung or something the song would probably have been like maybe 20mins long. swear down he kilt it is all!!! Shiiiii!!!! And he looked coooool in the video!!! I'm like OMG I was shaking on my bed as I was watching it...then
 Weezy stepped up looking effortlessly hot *whew* then he goes in " mehn Fuck this bitch ass niccas how y'all doing I'm Lil tunechi I'm a nuisance I go so stupid I go dumb like the 3 stooges..." Choi and he goes on and on!!! Then he threw a move like this (I suspect this Weezy, he may be a coded dancer sha!!!) Then he ends it by saying 'if you got eyes look at me now BITCH!!!!!'
"Look at me now look at me now I'm getting paper, look at me now look at me now I'm fresher than a mo'facka"...Well the video!!! To me was maaaaaad

I loved it watya think???
Well just so you know CB is back and better....this is just the beginning as they have always said he's the future of r&b and come 22nd of March he gon' be dropping his 4th album F.A.M.E

Friday, March 11, 2011

February 14, 2009

Hmm...Its funny how time flies 2 yrs ago ma friend and I went night crawling twas back in second skul tho it was vals yh so we wanted to go wish our friends in other houses happy vals so we was goin bk to our hostel wen we saw a red light in skul then at that tym we wr not meant to be outside n me n ma 'cuz' wr well as we saw the red light somn just told us to turn around n go back to wr we wr coming from and dats exactly what we did we found beds n lay silently wen we heard one of our house mistresses voice shet we breathed a sigh of relief thank God we went back so we wr there for like an hour gisting and laffin n well u see I'm asthmatic I started feeling funny I needed ma inhaler buh it was in ma dorm n I was sm wr else n nobody had *royally screwed* so we waited till d woman left then we went to our block alas the doors wr locked shit!!!
        We went back to wr we wr I just couldn't hold it any more ma breathing was choppy n I could barely take in air we went back to our block banged on the door no one answered(the fuck) beht y we kept at it o!!! We wet round the builfing searchin for sm1 dt was awake...still nobody we sat outside it was cold we wr tired I couldn't breathe we wr dozing errtn was just wrong at exactly 4am we decided to try one last tym miraculously sm1 opened the door we shared a twin sigh of relief...beht it was the reportn house captn so we lied we came out for fresh air n wr locked out *smh* (now thinkn about it she chopped d lie sha) I walkd into ma dorm sharply got ma inhaler relieved ma self....then I hrd ma name I turned as it turned out this lil juvee had been awake thru out!!! O_o I wanted to kill her I na asked her y she didn't open the door n she tells me she was scared *the fuck* I didn't wanna hear more I just got on ma bed n slept....two years on I still remember exactly what happened like it was yesterday :) I miss secondary. Skul sha smhow smhow *sigh* Just a lil bit sha....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Depression.....not worth it

My take on depression...
Let's start with what they want you to think...
Depression is a state of low mood an aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behaviour, feelings and physical well being.
Depressed people feel sad, anxious, empty,helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable and restless. ((That's a lot innit???). They lose interest in things that were once pleasurable....experience over eating (ehen?? u neva jam...not enuf food for dat) loss of appetite(that's more like it) and may contemplate suicide( ur mama neva enta you with belt)<-----according to wikipedia(yawn)
Well all the above is just grammar....
Depression is that feeling when nothing and everything is wrong with you(yup I'm right...always am) you feel suffocated like u in a vacuum most times it is a gradual process that lil thing you don't wanna talk about, that never mind you say, that person that yu hve a million things to say to but you don't say a word feelings you can't explain.
  Depression is caused by a myriad of things, inferiority complex and paranoia being on top of the list...Why tho I don't understand, wanting to be like someone and failing hopelessly( why would you want to do that)
Its also caused by thinking negative thoughts like things can never be fine, you cannot move on etc (that's the devil talking rebuke it brothers and sisters) its just a phase..if it was good and it became bad it will be good again if it was bad, it would be better.
Cure for depression...(if these don't help you umm I'm at a loss for what will...well here goes
Step 1: SMILE
It makes your day brighter it makes you feel lighter, happier and your heart will soar...yup I said it cos its true

Step 2: LAUGH
At the oddest times for the oddest reasons don't care what people will think you would feel thats really all that matters

If you have friends like mine...ha ha trust me depression would be the farthest thing from your mind I love my friends to pieces wish I could lend them  but uh they're mine :D
Step 4: PRAY
The most sure fire cure for depression, get on your knees, lie down, stand, sit, crouch, whichever way you are most comfortable and talk to God, he always has our time and you will always feel better after talking to him its such a beautiful feeling, you feel all your troubles floating away, you get that heady feeling like you just drank some good wine or a divine bar of chocolate...You just gotta love God He's absolutely an irrevocably awesome Love you Lord O:)

Sometimes all we need is a hug :)


The first time I saw you, you were with your guys and I was just the new girl who knew nobody and you seemed to know everybody. Among your friends, you were not the finest or the hottest dresser or anything but there was something about you that attracted me ion noe what it was...but at the time I was a dead you wouldn't have looked at me 'cos really there were hotter girls and I put you at the back of ma mind with the notion of if I don't think of you I would forget about you, to me it was as simple as that as I couldn't get you I could forget you(if only it were that easy). After a while I found out we had mutual friends OMG I thought whenever he came around I just used to act cool n all cos if there's one thing m good at its confusing people...So I act as if there's nothing and no one suspects anything it worked for a while I guess then we jammed at somewhere sha sha he kissed me but I did not respond not cause I didn't like the fact that he was kissing me but I had a boyfriend and I didn't really want to investigate how the kiss affected me and why it affected me that way :| at the end I had to pretend like nothing happened coz I didn't wanna jump into conclusions and all after all it was just a kiss and he acted like nothing happened n as I'm not one to jump into conclusions I took his lead and acted like nothing... Then I just put it at the back of my mind and forgot about it then we met again in the club we ignited the dance floor..yup yup we did we connected on another level...then I used to wish we'd always meet whenever I go clubbing(bet you didn't noe that) and those times when we were dancing I used to wish you were mine :$...well parties passed and things regressed to hey hi friends I moved on (or so I thought) then I got a bb and we got talking again and I realized I was really not over...still I didn't believe how would he like me, like really me pint sized me I was just well there weird chick and crazy rock lover so I put it outta ma mind twas easy to do so cause I hadn't seen him in a long while then I saw him and I'm like OMG how could I have thought I was over him like really...well I was still circling around the situation then he told me he would do me a favour I wondered what it was...I finally put it behind my mind then one day we saw and chilled for like a really long while talked about things and all and well we made out...I enjoyed it X_x like who wouldn't. Then later I started having regrets, like really I aint going out with this guy and all why should I be doing such. I felt like a bum, I wasn't myself, I had doubts did he really like me or were my lips just the attraction, I wanted to know but I didn't know how to say I told him the little I could but I wish I could have told him everything like how I wondered what a relationship with him would entail what he would expect me to do and if I could do it and if I would feel ok or guilty about it well ion even understand my self but I do know one thing I would enter a relationship with him if he ensures me that my doubt are unfounded even though I promised myself that I'd b single for a long while....what I regret tho was hurting him cause I hurt myself as well. My only hope is that I've not lost him and what hurts the most is that he may not read this and know exactly how I feel....O gosh!!! I guess I got hit......
Don't ask I won't tell you... :|
I can't believe I wrote this...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Will I get it one day :(

Just some things I thought about...
So I'm sitting thinking and talking with all ma alter egos(sshh just read) and I'm thinking about life and what I really want from it atm(at the moment). For a while we were thinking we want love yes Cecilia one of ma lamest personality was screaming love...n I;m like love might be only me but in this age and stage of mine love is like the lowest on the food chain wanna know why.
   It is said good things aint cheap and cheap things aint good, then Cecilia said to me, "but love is not just cheap, its free." And I'm like, "Umm, who said its good??? :s" Really because, okay you fall in love,you break his heart or he breaks yours whichever the case maybe...Then I'm like what do I really want...amma tell you.
   I want someone who would hug me tight and tell me i smell good, I want someone I can call or talk to when something goes wrong,or I wanna rejoice. I want someone who makes me smile, when its not even on my agenda I want someone who will listen to all my rantings even when I'm obviously talking too much, I want someone i can be myself with and not worry I have veggies in ma teeth or ma dress aint cute enough. I want you to have my time even if its just to say hey, I want you to call text or ping me with something funny on a random odd day not just cos I said hi.       
   I want you to care about me not because we dating or something,just because,and not think just cos she doesn't talk she doesn't mind, I want you lock eyes with me and smile and I feel like you can see straight through to my soul, you don't have to say a word. I want someone who is open minded who thinks highly of people I want someone who is not all about what I can give you or whatever like MoCheddah says,"you don't need to buy a car to show me your love" even that love!!! Love is a very shady emotion that I can do without for now. I just want you to adore me, to think the world about me, to call just to check up on me, to not remind me of my shortcomings but encourage me to be better.
   I want you to play with me gist with me, on rare occasions even gossip LOL..:) I want you to surprise me with chocolates not because its vals day or ma birthday but just because you know I love 'em I want someone who would do anything for me(within reason tho no grenade catching n ish o!!!) I want someone that will look at me and tell me I'm cute not because he thinks thats what I wanna hear, but because he means it:| Someone I could give my heart to and trust that he won't return it bloodied and on a broken platter...but the reality of all this is that if wishes were horses beggars would ride.
     We never get what we want and we reject what we need and as for all of this a perfect somebody...who doesn't even exist. If he did I wonder where he's hiding. Sometimes I think we get the debris to prepare us to meet the whole stuff, sometimes it looks like its taking forever and in our haste we end up with the wrong person..I ask for patience not to kill every person who has broken someones heart...If in your case that wicked somebody is me I'm Sorry from the depth of my heart I didn't mean it I'm not perfect and neither are you. You may not believe it but all I speak is he truth and I speak it for my self...Do you ever feel the same way??? 
     Now I really do need a hug :( 


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Avril Lavigne Alice

I think she should have acted Alice in the movie.
She's a natural plus I love the song watch it if you please :-*

Rihanna S & M

For those that haven't watched the video this is S&M and S&M means SadoMasochism....which means hurting people and being hurt...during sexual activities *clears throat* Rihanna e ro ra o!!!

F__kin Perfect Pink

Ok I think this song is like one of the most inspirational songs I've heard forget that the title is fucking perfect iono the song just speaks to me and the video...Lord of mercy tears nearly came to ma eyes and I wanna share it with you...The lyrics speak to me on a day to day the song is the definition of deep(yes I said it...)and I don't know why I don't see I topping charts, yet I see baseless Taylor Swift (yes I said baseless sue me *rme*) songs topping charts.When you listen to the song you know its a well thought out song, not one of her usual fun loving yet deep song. In some songs you have to wait till the second or third line to be caught in this song, she caught me first line, she goes:
 "Made a wrong turn once or twice, dug ma way out blood and fire bad decisions that's alright welcome to ma silly life..." then the chorus was just perfecto...there are many times we feel like we r existing not living that  nobody cares well P!nk says, "Pretty pretty please don't you ever ever feel like you less than fucking perfect, Pretty pretty please if you ever ever feel like you're loved then you're fucking perfect to me." Whenever you feel down its like the perfect song to listen to. I swear the video like I said was simply beautiful...I couldn't get the uncensored but this one should be equally okay I guess...It's a really deep song and I want y'all to enjoy the video as much as I did and listen to the song, download link

I hope you like it I really did...and always remember if you feel that you're loved then you're fucking perfect to me....(I love this song so much I listen to it like non stop) It speaks to should you 
Dedicated to : you and you and you yes you, and even you you're perfect...and even though we all know we aint truly perfect...we are perfectly Imperfect <3
                                             Loopy :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

StaeC: The Birth of A New Talent

High School Musical things
This adroit bombshell is only 19 (yeah she is) her name is StaeC. Yup yup she is the one who does it all you know, Jill of all trades master of all (yes I said it) she draws, she paints, she acts, she dances, best of all she sings and guess what??? She's good at them all. The word talented doesn't even just cut it for her. Of which she is the most official "Sharpay" of Disney's High School musical...(Sorry the pic aint too clear I was part of paparazzi :$)...well there she is...did I also mention she featured in Mnet's Tinsel if that aint savvy, I don't know what to call it... She is currently working on her album and her singles, 'Miss Boss' in which she featured another upcoming tight musician Zee and 'Da thing' with Skales and I Miss you...will soon be out. I've heard the songs (yes I'm badt like that) and they all  the ish!!! you still don't believe me on that start with the first course Miss Boss  listen and enjoy. I also got to see some of her beautiful works of art and i wanna share 'em with you (aren't I nice??)
Sea scape 
 The 'Sea Scape' is a really beautiful painting which goes for 50k if you want to buy it (which you should) the 'Soul Gazer' goes for 65k...its worth it we should appreciate our art we've got real talent in this country...
Sea Scape 2
Health is Wealth
Las Gidi Market
'Fertility' goes for 25k 'Seascape 2' goes for 45k 
'The Lost heritage' goes for 45k also (for some reason it has refused to upload)
'Las Gidi Market goes for 35k
while 'Health is Wealth' goes for 50k this painting trips me you know why?? not everybody will understand that in the first half of the picture we have a sick child who goes to the doctor in the second half and is being treated in the third half...what I love about art everything has a meaning every tiny intricate detail means something, any form of art should be celebrated and appreciated it should not be discriminated...because there's love in unites...well you can catch up with this artistic bombshell on twitter @StaeC also at 
Like StaeC fanpage on facebook yup...its all about her. That's the ish!!!

What the Hell!!!!

Okay!!! I love Avril Lavigne to bits and now she has a new album coming up like March 8th I do you think that makes me feel, elated excited overjoyed you name it...and the single she released What the hell!!! I totally love it..oops I forgot the name of the album is Goodbye Lullaby...(hmm!!! do I smell something here) but the video...umm I don't know what to say really!!! She showed skin tho n her shape is mahhhhhd!!! really the video is aii I guess, what with the guy chasing her around town, she doing her own thing, advertising her clothing line and perfume... Well boo, I still love you, your voice every thing and I always will case closed. Then back to Goodbye Lullaby, like I said it will be released March 8th, we'll have in it,
What the hell
Stop standing there
Wish you were here
Everybody hurts
4 real
Remember when
Black Star
Not Enough
I love you
Alice(hidden track)
 In no particular order, I'm not to sure about the last 4 tracks tho...well I guess for now that's that about Avril I'll bring more of ma fav artistes as time goes by :)

Meeeee!!! :D

I think I've come a long way to who I am, from a cute baby to a not so fine teenager to a crazy girl in low cut (sec school things) to me now. well it hasn't been easy, but the fact I survived and I'm still surviving should be a testament to ma strength drive and will to survive. I'm me, I talk to any and everybody who talks back, I'm not a snob, I have weird expressions, I talk to much, most times about op things (yes I said it I noe) I give good advices, I don't take them, I over think situations, I blow the occasional gbagaun (yes I do I aint perfect) I am a Child of God, I love ma friends, I LOVE ME!!! who wouldn't :D
Look at me NOW!!!! Read my blog and comment :) they're very welcome
Loopy :D
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