Thursday, January 27, 2011

What the Hell!!!!

Okay!!! I love Avril Lavigne to bits and now she has a new album coming up like March 8th I do you think that makes me feel, elated excited overjoyed you name it...and the single she released What the hell!!! I totally love it..oops I forgot the name of the album is Goodbye Lullaby...(hmm!!! do I smell something here) but the video...umm I don't know what to say really!!! She showed skin tho n her shape is mahhhhhd!!! really the video is aii I guess, what with the guy chasing her around town, she doing her own thing, advertising her clothing line and perfume... Well boo, I still love you, your voice every thing and I always will case closed. Then back to Goodbye Lullaby, like I said it will be released March 8th, we'll have in it,
What the hell
Stop standing there
Wish you were here
Everybody hurts
4 real
Remember when
Black Star
Not Enough
I love you
Alice(hidden track)
 In no particular order, I'm not to sure about the last 4 tracks tho...well I guess for now that's that about Avril I'll bring more of ma fav artistes as time goes by :)

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