Thursday, January 27, 2011

StaeC: The Birth of A New Talent

High School Musical things
This adroit bombshell is only 19 (yeah she is) her name is StaeC. Yup yup she is the one who does it all you know, Jill of all trades master of all (yes I said it) she draws, she paints, she acts, she dances, best of all she sings and guess what??? She's good at them all. The word talented doesn't even just cut it for her. Of which she is the most official "Sharpay" of Disney's High School musical...(Sorry the pic aint too clear I was part of paparazzi :$)...well there she is...did I also mention she featured in Mnet's Tinsel if that aint savvy, I don't know what to call it... She is currently working on her album and her singles, 'Miss Boss' in which she featured another upcoming tight musician Zee and 'Da thing' with Skales and I Miss you...will soon be out. I've heard the songs (yes I'm badt like that) and they all  the ish!!! you still don't believe me on that start with the first course Miss Boss  listen and enjoy. I also got to see some of her beautiful works of art and i wanna share 'em with you (aren't I nice??)
Sea scape 
 The 'Sea Scape' is a really beautiful painting which goes for 50k if you want to buy it (which you should) the 'Soul Gazer' goes for 65k...its worth it we should appreciate our art we've got real talent in this country...
Sea Scape 2
Health is Wealth
Las Gidi Market
'Fertility' goes for 25k 'Seascape 2' goes for 45k 
'The Lost heritage' goes for 45k also (for some reason it has refused to upload)
'Las Gidi Market goes for 35k
while 'Health is Wealth' goes for 50k this painting trips me you know why?? not everybody will understand that in the first half of the picture we have a sick child who goes to the doctor in the second half and is being treated in the third half...what I love about art everything has a meaning every tiny intricate detail means something, any form of art should be celebrated and appreciated it should not be discriminated...because there's love in unites...well you can catch up with this artistic bombshell on twitter @StaeC also at 
Like StaeC fanpage on facebook yup...its all about her. That's the ish!!!

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