Wednesday, January 19, 2011

crazy little thing called love

 kk Rihanna says its a crazy lil thing called love...the question is just how crazy is it...‎​I can tell you as a certified weyrey that it not just crazy...there aint nuin crazier its something that will keep u awake wen u sposd to b sleeping (this doesn't include me tho) keep u daydreaming wen u sposd to be working (uh guilty) buh y'all may wonder what really is love...ion noe yh but got people who had their views my very retarded friend Steph(no not u Oshai) says Love is a feeling when you're feeling a feeling that you've never felt before just how crazy is dt!!! Didn't even make sense at the time(never let it be sed ‎​I agree amma deny it)....then I thought about it for a second its crazy yh!!! and yh like ‎​I sed love hurts whether its rong or right

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