Wednesday, January 19, 2011

‎​I Miss You

The first time we met ‎​I was three you were 7 there were four years betweet us but we never let it stop was love at first sight(yes love abi is it bcos ‎​I was 3). He had the most beautiful brown eyes so liquid ‎​I could drown in them ‎​I loved looking at them he was ma bestfriend, he stood by me through thick and thin through every scraped and skinned knee ‎​I loved him. When ‎​I was 9 he hurt me and they wanted to take him away ‎​I was not having it who wd love me more then he did we played together fought together frolicked in the sun for a good 16 years u were always there I watched you fall sick you always got better i watched you grow old and frail there was nothing I could do. I didnt want another I wanted you...‎​I watched you die was heart brokn u said you wr never gonna leave me not in so many words but understood what ‎​I couldn't phanthom was why you would leave me loved you but you i can never love another...and no day passes when ‎​I don't miss you....Ode to ma loving dog of 16 yrs ...Dear ol' Rogers ‎​I will never forget you

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