Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meeeee!!! :D

I think I've come a long way to who I am, from a cute baby to a not so fine teenager to a crazy girl in low cut (sec school things) to me now. well it hasn't been easy, but the fact I survived and I'm still surviving should be a testament to ma strength drive and will to survive. I'm me, I talk to any and everybody who talks back, I'm not a snob, I have weird expressions, I talk to much, most times about op things (yes I said it I noe) I give good advices, I don't take them, I over think situations, I blow the occasional gbagaun (yes I do I aint perfect) I am a Child of God, I love ma friends, I LOVE ME!!! who wouldn't :D
Look at me NOW!!!! Read my blog and comment :) they're very welcome
Loopy :D
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