Thursday, January 27, 2011

StaeC: The Birth of A New Talent

High School Musical things
This adroit bombshell is only 19 (yeah she is) her name is StaeC. Yup yup she is the one who does it all you know, Jill of all trades master of all (yes I said it) she draws, she paints, she acts, she dances, best of all she sings and guess what??? She's good at them all. The word talented doesn't even just cut it for her. Of which she is the most official "Sharpay" of Disney's High School musical...(Sorry the pic aint too clear I was part of paparazzi :$)...well there she is...did I also mention she featured in Mnet's Tinsel if that aint savvy, I don't know what to call it... She is currently working on her album and her singles, 'Miss Boss' in which she featured another upcoming tight musician Zee and 'Da thing' with Skales and I Miss you...will soon be out. I've heard the songs (yes I'm badt like that) and they all  the ish!!! you still don't believe me on that start with the first course Miss Boss  listen and enjoy. I also got to see some of her beautiful works of art and i wanna share 'em with you (aren't I nice??)
Sea scape 
 The 'Sea Scape' is a really beautiful painting which goes for 50k if you want to buy it (which you should) the 'Soul Gazer' goes for 65k...its worth it we should appreciate our art we've got real talent in this country...
Sea Scape 2
Health is Wealth
Las Gidi Market
'Fertility' goes for 25k 'Seascape 2' goes for 45k 
'The Lost heritage' goes for 45k also (for some reason it has refused to upload)
'Las Gidi Market goes for 35k
while 'Health is Wealth' goes for 50k this painting trips me you know why?? not everybody will understand that in the first half of the picture we have a sick child who goes to the doctor in the second half and is being treated in the third half...what I love about art everything has a meaning every tiny intricate detail means something, any form of art should be celebrated and appreciated it should not be discriminated...because there's love in unites...well you can catch up with this artistic bombshell on twitter @StaeC also at 
Like StaeC fanpage on facebook yup...its all about her. That's the ish!!!

What the Hell!!!!

Okay!!! I love Avril Lavigne to bits and now she has a new album coming up like March 8th I do you think that makes me feel, elated excited overjoyed you name it...and the single she released What the hell!!! I totally love it..oops I forgot the name of the album is Goodbye Lullaby...(hmm!!! do I smell something here) but the video...umm I don't know what to say really!!! She showed skin tho n her shape is mahhhhhd!!! really the video is aii I guess, what with the guy chasing her around town, she doing her own thing, advertising her clothing line and perfume... Well boo, I still love you, your voice every thing and I always will case closed. Then back to Goodbye Lullaby, like I said it will be released March 8th, we'll have in it,
What the hell
Stop standing there
Wish you were here
Everybody hurts
4 real
Remember when
Black Star
Not Enough
I love you
Alice(hidden track)
 In no particular order, I'm not to sure about the last 4 tracks tho...well I guess for now that's that about Avril I'll bring more of ma fav artistes as time goes by :)

Meeeee!!! :D

I think I've come a long way to who I am, from a cute baby to a not so fine teenager to a crazy girl in low cut (sec school things) to me now. well it hasn't been easy, but the fact I survived and I'm still surviving should be a testament to ma strength drive and will to survive. I'm me, I talk to any and everybody who talks back, I'm not a snob, I have weird expressions, I talk to much, most times about op things (yes I said it I noe) I give good advices, I don't take them, I over think situations, I blow the occasional gbagaun (yes I do I aint perfect) I am a Child of God, I love ma friends, I LOVE ME!!! who wouldn't :D
Look at me NOW!!!! Read my blog and comment :) they're very welcome
Loopy :D
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Friends... :)

Friends are angels who pick you up when your have wings have trouble remembering how to fly,
They are the people who know your faults and love you that way,
They celebrate you rather than tolerate you,
They are brutally honest, they will never lie just to make you feel momentarily better,
They are the siblings God forgot to give us,
They'll pick you up when you've given up yourself,
They don't ignore to make other people feel better,
They run in when the rest of the world runs out,
They make you smile when you feel you no longer have a reason to,
They are Gods way of taking us,
True friends double your joy and divide your sorrows,
They know all about you and still like you,
A friend is someone you can sit by for a long time without saying anything and when you leave you feel like you've just had the worlds best conversation,
True friends never make assumptions about you, they never expect a reason to go out with you, 
In fact friends only expect you to be you...and they are what matters in the end... :)
Dedicated to ma BFF Gina Odah and all ma friends I love y'all to tiny bits and pieces :* (((hugs))) <3 

Monday, January 24, 2011

true story

‎​I was gonna write somn today buh I'm unbelievably tired and lazy(yes ‎​I am aint  I human) n typing on fone aint the best its aii yh buh...ok now  i'm blabbing nyhowz nyt :). 
‎​I have one sweet story like dat...till tomorrow sha body no be wood man pikin wan true story :D 
(How stupid does this input sound???) 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

that crazy black girl: Oprah: The 'O' Religion

that crazy black girl: Oprah: The 'O' Religion: "Okay I just heard our beloved Oprah Winfrey has opened a church which she named 'O' The Oprah religion I'm really open minded about a lot of..."

that crazy black girl: Nigerian Idol: Dream crasher!!!

that crazy black girl: Nigerian Idol: Dream crasher!!!: "I just remembered one incidence (for some reason that word sounds some how)that happened last year. I had the impression that I could sing a..."

Oprah: The 'O' Religion

Okay I just heard our beloved Oprah Winfrey has opened a church which she named 'O' The Oprah religion I'm really open minded about a lot of things but umm this is just over the top...I get it if you don't wanna go to church but really this is just...mind boggling.
     Well her church the 'O' was opened in April last year the 6th to be precise. Our multi-tasking Oprah serves as the Pontiff (like the pope) and also the deity(like God) I shiver as I even type this its actually kind of freaky(does this mean the world is really coming to an end???). She appointed long time friend Gayle King as the Archbishop of this church and spoke person. Her goal apparently is to give confident smart women the tools they need to express their individual styles and tools to make choices that will lead to a happier and confirmed afterlife :o(the hell...and umm guys it seems like y'all have been excluded from this salvation :|) 
    Then Gayle says,"In addition we have eliminated the regressive prohibitions- such as those against premarital sex(hmmm no comment) that older and outmoded religions still cling to...they don't fit into the lifestyle of our congregation(if this was a business they'd be making mad money. She continues,'O' The Oprah religion has all the comforts of the traditional belief system but combined with the uplifting spirit of Oprah(omo Oprah done turn spirit sha) so that everyone from a religious background would still feel right at home(if they were anything remotely religious they wouldn't be attending your church)when they convert to the new tradition of O,The Oprah religion(when??? which means there are people stupid enough to believe this).
        In this new religion there'll be confession which will happen once in a persons lifetime...Since Oprah serves as both the pontiff and God in human form(:O Oprah...oh because u have money u r now God okay o!!!) well she would officiate it she also adds that penance is unnecessary and forgiveness guaranteed...The O religion empowers all women wth tools for their own salvation(umm what aout guys don't they deserve salvation too :s)
The Height... At one of the one of the services, 'Archbishop King (what's it with all this kings???) raises her hands in the air and Oprah appears in the clouds(hmm money is talking) all decked in white robes with black knee high stilleto boots...
All the followers were shouting an some were so awed they wet themselves(on top human being like you... I really dont get Americans).
 Then Oprah says," Blessed are those who come before me,"(umm sweety who you???)
Blessed... She continues with her blessed quotes and as a parting slot before she left in her ivory chariot she says,"Blessed is my church,enter ye now ad view my services on the giant flat screen sony TV...look within your gift bags you all have a certificate for a free tv(now I see why they attend the gifts)then right before her 'chariot' leaves she says,'Peace be with you, and praise be to me'
Smh...May God in his infnite mercies guide and protect your mouth...Is this wat money does to people??? 
Well sorry Oprah​I only believe there are two religions christianity ad Islam....any other one is in your pocket...#thatisall 
For more info or to watch the video 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nigerian Idol: Dream crasher!!!

I just remembered one incidence (for some reason that word sounds some how)that happened last year. I had the impression that I could sing and at the time Nigerian Idols was coming to town, I disturbed everybody who would listen with what i thought was ma golden voice :D. My roommate told me, "Blackie, you can't sing." I wasn't listening to her I was gonna chase ma dream. So i bought the form filled and chilled till the audition day, I disturbed ma sis to give me lessons(she's very good). I sang day and night till that day 29th October 2010 that morning I woke up 6am got ready this was how I looked cute right :) I actually did a new hair I must have been mad...I now went and wore heels in
retrospect i wonder why I wore heels they were so damned uncomfortable. I eventually got there after ma heel almost broke...see the crowd.
So as we were standing there waiting to be called in it started raining...WTF i thought why today??? But i still stood there o!!! We eventually got in another round of waiting I kept waiting, cold and shivering I waited. We were given tags to wear as we waited...the tension was getting high I was getting pressed I was undecided on the song to sing. Eventually it was my turn, I got in introduced ma self then she asked me which song i wanted to sing I said 'Never far away' I started singing then she's like, "I see something there, sing another one" then I sang 'I'm with you- Avril Lavigne' At the time I was cursing ma self for listening to only rock songs I couldn't think of any ol' R & b song to sing then she asked me to sing a song that I could modulate...Imagine that's when English decided to desert me I couldn't even remember what modulate meant so she goes, 'I see something in you, you should try again' My mind I wanted to just be going home I decided to stay...I tried again it was a guy this time, first thing he says, 'I like your shoes' ( /:) why you telling me) which meant he noticed ma shaking legs-shit- well he asked me to sing I started singing he says ,'another one' I sing another song then he goes,'another' In my mind, I'm like,'whats wrong with this one??' I sang and sang and sang....Then he had the nerves the impetus to say, 'Thanks for coming' My shock showed clearly on ma very expressive face I stood on the spot for a couple of seconds before I got the message. I went out with my head high...twas d end of the road :(                                                              What annoyed me most, was watching the show and seeing those I can probably sing better than that had got to see the judges I felt iono cheated... Well I guess its the Nigerian way, maybe they were looking for funny people and not singers...What can I say that's like a forgotten dream maybe later I'd add a clip of me singing just fi y'all :).   

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

‎​I Miss You

The first time we met ‎​I was three you were 7 there were four years betweet us but we never let it stop was love at first sight(yes love abi is it bcos ‎​I was 3). He had the most beautiful brown eyes so liquid ‎​I could drown in them ‎​I loved looking at them he was ma bestfriend, he stood by me through thick and thin through every scraped and skinned knee ‎​I loved him. When ‎​I was 9 he hurt me and they wanted to take him away ‎​I was not having it who wd love me more then he did we played together fought together frolicked in the sun for a good 16 years u were always there I watched you fall sick you always got better i watched you grow old and frail there was nothing I could do. I didnt want another I wanted you...‎​I watched you die was heart brokn u said you wr never gonna leave me not in so many words but understood what ‎​I couldn't phanthom was why you would leave me loved you but you i can never love another...and no day passes when ‎​I don't miss you....Ode to ma loving dog of 16 yrs ...Dear ol' Rogers ‎​I will never forget you

crazy little thing called love

 kk Rihanna says its a crazy lil thing called love...the question is just how crazy is it...‎​I can tell you as a certified weyrey that it not just crazy...there aint nuin crazier its something that will keep u awake wen u sposd to b sleeping (this doesn't include me tho) keep u daydreaming wen u sposd to be working (uh guilty) buh y'all may wonder what really is love...ion noe yh but got people who had their views my very retarded friend Steph(no not u Oshai) says Love is a feeling when you're feeling a feeling that you've never felt before just how crazy is dt!!! Didn't even make sense at the time(never let it be sed ‎​I agree amma deny it)....then I thought about it for a second its crazy yh!!! and yh like ‎​I sed love hurts whether its rong or right

a lil bout me

ok this the place where you get to meet the real me :) the one with the loose screws the one who's a lil bit sane..hehe n the one that is totally uncontrollabe u may love me hate me wanna be me!!! fact still remains amma do me so hard n so real...*yawns* boring