Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nigerian Idol: Dream crasher!!!

I just remembered one incidence (for some reason that word sounds some how)that happened last year. I had the impression that I could sing and at the time Nigerian Idols was coming to town, I disturbed everybody who would listen with what i thought was ma golden voice :D. My roommate told me, "Blackie, you can't sing." I wasn't listening to her I was gonna chase ma dream. So i bought the form filled and chilled till the audition day, I disturbed ma sis to give me lessons(she's very good). I sang day and night till that day 29th October 2010 that morning I woke up 6am got ready this was how I looked cute right :) I actually did a new hair I must have been mad...I now went and wore heels in
retrospect i wonder why I wore heels they were so damned uncomfortable. I eventually got there after ma heel almost broke...see the crowd.
So as we were standing there waiting to be called in it started raining...WTF i thought why today??? But i still stood there o!!! We eventually got in another round of waiting I kept waiting, cold and shivering I waited. We were given tags to wear as we waited...the tension was getting high I was getting pressed I was undecided on the song to sing. Eventually it was my turn, I got in introduced ma self then she asked me which song i wanted to sing I said 'Never far away' I started singing then she's like, "I see something there, sing another one" then I sang 'I'm with you- Avril Lavigne' At the time I was cursing ma self for listening to only rock songs I couldn't think of any ol' R & b song to sing then she asked me to sing a song that I could modulate...Imagine that's when English decided to desert me I couldn't even remember what modulate meant so she goes, 'I see something in you, you should try again' My mind I wanted to just be going home I decided to stay...I tried again it was a guy this time, first thing he says, 'I like your shoes' ( /:) why you telling me) which meant he noticed ma shaking legs-shit- well he asked me to sing I started singing he says ,'another one' I sing another song then he goes,'another' In my mind, I'm like,'whats wrong with this one??' I sang and sang and sang....Then he had the nerves the impetus to say, 'Thanks for coming' My shock showed clearly on ma very expressive face I stood on the spot for a couple of seconds before I got the message. I went out with my head high...twas d end of the road :(                                                              What annoyed me most, was watching the show and seeing those I can probably sing better than that had got to see the judges I felt iono cheated... Well I guess its the Nigerian way, maybe they were looking for funny people and not singers...What can I say that's like a forgotten dream maybe later I'd add a clip of me singing just fi y'all :).   

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