Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friends... :)

Friends are angels who pick you up when your have wings have trouble remembering how to fly,
They are the people who know your faults and love you that way,
They celebrate you rather than tolerate you,
They are brutally honest, they will never lie just to make you feel momentarily better,
They are the siblings God forgot to give us,
They'll pick you up when you've given up yourself,
They don't ignore to make other people feel better,
They run in when the rest of the world runs out,
They make you smile when you feel you no longer have a reason to,
They are Gods way of taking us,
True friends double your joy and divide your sorrows,
They know all about you and still like you,
A friend is someone you can sit by for a long time without saying anything and when you leave you feel like you've just had the worlds best conversation,
True friends never make assumptions about you, they never expect a reason to go out with you, 
In fact friends only expect you to be you...and they are what matters in the end... :)
Dedicated to ma BFF Gina Odah and all ma friends I love y'all to tiny bits and pieces :* (((hugs))) <3 

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