Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It's been one long minute innit....I've not been here in a bit partly my fault and partly the fault of those who have PhD syndrome PhD being (pull her down). Well I'm back, I know I'm really lazy and I have all these disconnected thoughts, but I'd try my best to put up some posts for people that actually care and y'all would go a long way encouraging me if you could not only rush in read the posts and rush out, take the time to comment and tweet links and all it would mean more than you can ever begin to imagine to me....:) thanks. However on my own part I'd reply and all and y'all can give ideas and all on stuff you'd wanna hear or see on here you can send me mails, but please this ain't a dating site so try not to send mails about wanting to hook up with me and ish I ain't here for that and I won't reply your mails :) please comply thanks I love y'all and I'd try as much as possible to be responsive :D well....I'm back I guess #kkbye