Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oprah: The 'O' Religion

Okay I just heard our beloved Oprah Winfrey has opened a church which she named 'O' The Oprah religion I'm really open minded about a lot of things but umm this is just over the top...I get it if you don't wanna go to church but really this is just...mind boggling.
     Well her church the 'O' was opened in April last year the 6th to be precise. Our multi-tasking Oprah serves as the Pontiff (like the pope) and also the deity(like God) I shiver as I even type this its actually kind of freaky(does this mean the world is really coming to an end???). She appointed long time friend Gayle King as the Archbishop of this church and spoke person. Her goal apparently is to give confident smart women the tools they need to express their individual styles and tools to make choices that will lead to a happier and confirmed afterlife :o(the hell...and umm guys it seems like y'all have been excluded from this salvation :|) 
    Then Gayle says,"In addition we have eliminated the regressive prohibitions- such as those against premarital sex(hmmm no comment) that older and outmoded religions still cling to...they don't fit into the lifestyle of our congregation(if this was a business they'd be making mad money. She continues,'O' The Oprah religion has all the comforts of the traditional belief system but combined with the uplifting spirit of Oprah(omo Oprah done turn spirit sha) so that everyone from a religious background would still feel right at home(if they were anything remotely religious they wouldn't be attending your church)when they convert to the new tradition of O,The Oprah religion(when??? which means there are people stupid enough to believe this).
        In this new religion there'll be confession which will happen once in a persons lifetime...Since Oprah serves as both the pontiff and God in human form(:O Oprah...oh because u have money u r now God okay o!!!) well she would officiate it she also adds that penance is unnecessary and forgiveness guaranteed...The O religion empowers all women wth tools for their own salvation(umm what aout guys don't they deserve salvation too :s)
The Height... At one of the one of the services, 'Archbishop King (what's it with all this kings???) raises her hands in the air and Oprah appears in the clouds(hmm money is talking) all decked in white robes with black knee high stilleto boots...
All the followers were shouting an some were so awed they wet themselves(on top human being like you... I really dont get Americans).
 Then Oprah says," Blessed are those who come before me,"(umm sweety who you???)
Blessed... She continues with her blessed quotes and as a parting slot before she left in her ivory chariot she says,"Blessed is my church,enter ye now ad view my services on the giant flat screen sony TV...look within your gift bags you all have a certificate for a free tv(now I see why they attend the gifts)then right before her 'chariot' leaves she says,'Peace be with you, and praise be to me'
Smh...May God in his infnite mercies guide and protect your mouth...Is this wat money does to people??? 
Well sorry Oprah​I only believe there are two religions christianity ad Islam....any other one is in your pocket...#thatisall 
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  1. iono!!! mayb too much money af block her brain finish

  2. she's bein possessed by the devil.but no-one could be greater than our almighty God

  3. And that's the gospel one can be as great as the Almighty God

  4. That's the wrong video you linked to - the video for O, The Oprah Religion is:

    I pray that you will one day see the light and realize that O, The Oprah Religion is just as true and real as Christianity. Remember to believe everything you read without questioning it - it is the one true way to absolute faith.

  5. Don't be crazy. This is lies. You people believe everything it's like you have no ability to think for yourselves.

  6. There is one tru GOD. No man can proclaim him/herself as God. Ophra, if you can see this post..I am telling you, you are in big danger.

  7. Lol Davis McDavis is the one who's trying to misled us with this whole The O thing. I'm sure Oprah has no idea about this joke. - see who posted the video.

    Watch this

  8. There is only one true God n the rest are just lies. Opra cannot possibly be God. How???

  9. mmh...i thot oprah belivd in Jesus christ..

  10. this is crazy ...u guyss!!!!!!!i am a christian and all those that wet there bed are mad u might have demons thats why anyway just pray coz its dangerouse!!!!!!!!

  11. the world might not have ended yet but we are in the last days my friend

  12. Is dis what money does? This woman is a mad black woman. Jesus is really coming right and we will all see where this oprah gos will find her self. Blasphemy in the first orderesus is really coming right and we will all see where this oprah gos will find her self. Blasphemy in the first order

  13. this is real rubbish anyway i'm not surprised it is the sign of the end time just as christ said

  14. Signs of d end times indeed! guys stay alert.

  15. poor oprah.. :(
    she doesnt know what she did
    and, hei Mr.DavisMcDavis, there is still a chance for you to ask JESUS CHRIST who love, even died, rose, and prepared a best place for you if you believe HIM..
    there is only ONE GOD who created you and this world, NOT oprah! Oprah can't created oxygen, how could she said that she's god? poor her :(
    may she can go back n gv her life to LORD JESUS :)