Sunday, March 6, 2011

Depression.....not worth it

My take on depression...
Let's start with what they want you to think...
Depression is a state of low mood an aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behaviour, feelings and physical well being.
Depressed people feel sad, anxious, empty,helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable and restless. ((That's a lot innit???). They lose interest in things that were once pleasurable....experience over eating (ehen?? u neva jam...not enuf food for dat) loss of appetite(that's more like it) and may contemplate suicide( ur mama neva enta you with belt)<-----according to wikipedia(yawn)
Well all the above is just grammar....
Depression is that feeling when nothing and everything is wrong with you(yup I'm right...always am) you feel suffocated like u in a vacuum most times it is a gradual process that lil thing you don't wanna talk about, that never mind you say, that person that yu hve a million things to say to but you don't say a word feelings you can't explain.
  Depression is caused by a myriad of things, inferiority complex and paranoia being on top of the list...Why tho I don't understand, wanting to be like someone and failing hopelessly( why would you want to do that)
Its also caused by thinking negative thoughts like things can never be fine, you cannot move on etc (that's the devil talking rebuke it brothers and sisters) its just a phase..if it was good and it became bad it will be good again if it was bad, it would be better.
Cure for depression...(if these don't help you umm I'm at a loss for what will...well here goes
Step 1: SMILE
It makes your day brighter it makes you feel lighter, happier and your heart will soar...yup I said it cos its true

Step 2: LAUGH
At the oddest times for the oddest reasons don't care what people will think you would feel thats really all that matters

If you have friends like mine...ha ha trust me depression would be the farthest thing from your mind I love my friends to pieces wish I could lend them  but uh they're mine :D
Step 4: PRAY
The most sure fire cure for depression, get on your knees, lie down, stand, sit, crouch, whichever way you are most comfortable and talk to God, he always has our time and you will always feel better after talking to him its such a beautiful feeling, you feel all your troubles floating away, you get that heady feeling like you just drank some good wine or a divine bar of chocolate...You just gotta love God He's absolutely an irrevocably awesome Love you Lord O:)

Sometimes all we need is a hug :)

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