Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chris Brown (Feat. Busta Rhymes Lil Wayne) - Look At Me Now

      Ok the vid starts its real colourful yeah...we see CB fixing some stuff...I like to think maybe that's the past when he was still growing, then we see Busta briefly then we see Lil Weezy flexing and doing what ever he was doing then the opening credits roll then we see CB and his dancing crew, then he says, "I don't see how you can hate from outside of the can't even get in" for some reason this cracks me the hell up swear down, then he does that laugh....:D *choi* (that thing go pain sha) then he throws some maahd moves (make pesn come tell me say CB no dey dance,I go re arrange your face) *sigh* then he starts (I won't say singing or rapping he was sha doing something and it was cool so.... Then he said 'I get what you get in 10 years in two days' (ouch!!!) Then he said somn I like 'oops I said on my dick, I really didn't mean to say on my dick but since we talking about my dick, all of you here have to say hi to it...I'm done'
      Then Busta says somn like 'lemme show you how to keep the dice rolling ehen you doing that thing over there homie!!!' and dammit he did....Shiiii he want H.A.M on the beat what the hell!!! If his lyrics were on the song alone, maybe sung or something the song would probably have been like maybe 20mins long. swear down he kilt it is all!!! Shiiiii!!!! And he looked coooool in the video!!! I'm like OMG I was shaking on my bed as I was watching it...then
 Weezy stepped up looking effortlessly hot *whew* then he goes in " mehn Fuck this bitch ass niccas how y'all doing I'm Lil tunechi I'm a nuisance I go so stupid I go dumb like the 3 stooges..." Choi and he goes on and on!!! Then he threw a move like this (I suspect this Weezy, he may be a coded dancer sha!!!) Then he ends it by saying 'if you got eyes look at me now BITCH!!!!!'
"Look at me now look at me now I'm getting paper, look at me now look at me now I'm fresher than a mo'facka"...Well the video!!! To me was maaaaaad

I loved it watya think???
Well just so you know CB is back and better....this is just the beginning as they have always said he's the future of r&b and come 22nd of March he gon' be dropping his 4th album F.A.M.E

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