Wednesday, March 23, 2011

100 facts about me

These are 100 facts about me there are probably more...but I had to limit my self
100. My name is Ogagaroghenemewhorhe Enameguono Omotevherhuvwu Cecilia Okparavero :|
99. I am gonna be 19 this year
98. I am a last born...
97. I've been in 3 relationships
96.The longest lasted 6months
95. The shortest 1 1/2 weeks
94. I hate tea #bleh
93 I spent 7 years in secondary school (sad innit)
92. I went to an all girls secondary school (and no I'm not a lesbian :|)
91. I'm a one naira girl believe it or not
90. My popsi pays my BIS....(ehen so!!! As I'm a baby ko???)
89. I'm skinny
88. I'm a size 0
87. I love my body
86. I think I'm pretty (agree or die its that simple)
85. I love reading novels
84. I'm asthmatic....
83. I hate people pitying me....
82. I'm a shy person (nobody believes me but there it is
81. I don't suffer fools gladly...(Like really if u dnt know shut the eff up dnt show you are dumber than you look)
80. I'm a very serious person!!! I barely smile *yimu*
79. I do what you want to but don't have the guts to...
78. I'm not a dress person...I don't really like restricting...
77. I absolutely hate being ignored (yo!!! When I talk to you freaking answer me *rme*)
76. I hate being on my period...(Like really why can't it be like you know girls 6months then guys six months *rme*)
75. I have a phobia for cats....(Geez they make my skin crawl...ewwww!!! No matter how cute they are)
74. I love assuming people (they always give me something to laugh about...because they are almost always wrong) *shrugs*
73. I'm scared of girls X_x (I mean if I just meet a girl for the first time I'm mute and uncomfortable...ion noe why tho
72. I love boys....<3 <3 <3 (intelligent guys tho...ion like dullards...-_- huge turn off....
71. I do not like guys that are full of themselves they are always full of shit...
70. I don't like shouted prayers...
69. I don't do 69....:D ;)
67. When I stand for something...I don't deviate ever...
66. I am very rational...
65..I am not very trusting
64. I think of every single thing I do before I do it...
63. Everything I do I do for a reason...
62. I'm not a smarty pants...(Yes I'm serious)
61. I'm not assuming (I don't believe errtn I hear)
60. I keep everything on a need to know basis (if I don't need to know hunnay please don't tell me aii)
59. I hate washing (jeez anything washing at all plates, clothes, cars, etc.
58. I love ironing... Ironic innit
57. The only thing creative about me is erm...maybe writing...I love writing but I'm so damned lazy about it
56. I don't like watching tv
55. Left alone I could become a recluse (I love my own company like really books are better than ppl...)
54. I love Matthew 6 verse 7-8
53. I never say behind you what I can't say in front of you...
52. I'm a thug...that's what my friend says sha!!! I can't know...
51. I can't play video games...X_x
50. I'm scared of learning how to drive (true yarns tho)
49. I absolutely hate crying and clingy children...eww!!!
48. I love adorable quiet and happy children...:) (they make you wanna have yours)
47. I got my first dog when I was 3 he died last year...I still miss him...he gave me my first scar :)
46. Dogs love me...I wonder why
45. I'm 5ft 6 inches tall X_X
44. I always wanted to model I guess God had other plans that's why he made me short :(
43. I say exactly what I mean...that's why most times I like talking about meaningless things
42. I like people assuming I'm a fool it suits my purposes well :D
41. I hate being told what to do ( for that reason I do things well right enuf...
40. I like opposing people its fun mostly when they start paraing and imma be laughing like a hyena (especially ma first...smh such an angry boy)
39. Novels whether paper back or e-book I love :)
38. I love my eyes and my eye lashes....what its a fact about me na
37. Some people think I'm vain maybe I am beht really what's there not to b vain about??? Huh?? :p
36. I hate pringles...ewwwww!!!!
35. I talk before I think sometimes
34. This peak awards I'm gonna vote for Funmi @sm1pretty for most beautiful till my hands burn cos she's beautiful both in and out...
33. I'm addicted to twitter
32. I don't get least I've not had cause to be yet....
31. When I'm insulted I smile....ion know why it makes me smile I'm yet to understand sha!!!
30. I laugh at the oddest upsets people sometimes but that only increases the laughter *shrugs*
29. I listen a lot...especially to what you don't want me to hear ;)
28. I AM NOT A SNOB....
27 I have a weird sense of humour...
26. I am very easy to talk to...
25. I could be very mean!!!
24. When I like someone he will never know....but ion form *shrugs* its just the way I am
23. I turn heads...I may not be all that hot but I do turn heads...
22. I have a problem with saying I love you...I may really want to say it but it sorta just gets hooked in ma throat...X_X
21. The next facts are well....facts ;) personal tho...
20. I don't like cross examinations...please please don't question what I do!!!!
19. I love my friends...if I say you are my friend you will be until u say you don't want to be by your actions....
18. I love happy endings...not as much as @sm1pretty but you know na ;)
17. I like Paul's eyebrows
16. I like his butt as well <3 <3
15 My bb...I wouldn't say my life that's to well intense its indispensable sha...
14. I love it a story review or diss ;)
13. I'm proud...I don't beg I hate saying please but I'm very polite...
12. I don't lie believe it or not I'll either change the subject or b silent if ion wanna tell the truth...
11. I'm loyal to a fault!!!! Shii I'm like a guy in that aspect I always keep my word...if you are my friend you are lucky trust me....
10 I live music....christian rock crunk rap grime....I love em all mostly rock tho :)
9. I love my fam...Femi, Sandra, Gina, Olamz, Kachi, Steph, Sonia, Funmi, Ishioma, Henry, Slimm etc...
8.I don't get angry I'm a very happy person :D
7. I get hurt I'm not "hard" I bleed red...I just don't show don't pay to be vulnerable *shrugs*
6. I love shoes!!!! Choi!!!!
5. I love my family :) mum stace n dad ({})
4. I love gadgets, and fixing stuff :)
3. I love a certain boy whose names have 19 letters :| :x don't ask, won't tell :) and its mutual :D
2. I love me....
1. I love God....the holy trinity the author and finisher of my life....
That's it its a hundred facts about me things some of y'all didn't know :) *whew my hands hurt* :(....uh well enjoy :D when I got done with this I remembered other stuff I wanted to write so I guess that's a story for another day.....oopsy daisy!!! This is long :$


  1. Awwww @ #34 and #18 and you bunches Ogaga!!!! :* :* Now i know pleni bou u! Buhahaha..

  2. Hehehehehe!!! love you too :* oya you noe plenty about me go to d nearest bank and cash 1mil :p