Friday, March 11, 2011

February 14, 2009

Hmm...Its funny how time flies 2 yrs ago ma friend and I went night crawling twas back in second skul tho it was vals yh so we wanted to go wish our friends in other houses happy vals so we was goin bk to our hostel wen we saw a red light in skul then at that tym we wr not meant to be outside n me n ma 'cuz' wr well as we saw the red light somn just told us to turn around n go back to wr we wr coming from and dats exactly what we did we found beds n lay silently wen we heard one of our house mistresses voice shet we breathed a sigh of relief thank God we went back so we wr there for like an hour gisting and laffin n well u see I'm asthmatic I started feeling funny I needed ma inhaler buh it was in ma dorm n I was sm wr else n nobody had *royally screwed* so we waited till d woman left then we went to our block alas the doors wr locked shit!!!
        We went back to wr we wr I just couldn't hold it any more ma breathing was choppy n I could barely take in air we went back to our block banged on the door no one answered(the fuck) beht y we kept at it o!!! We wet round the builfing searchin for sm1 dt was awake...still nobody we sat outside it was cold we wr tired I couldn't breathe we wr dozing errtn was just wrong at exactly 4am we decided to try one last tym miraculously sm1 opened the door we shared a twin sigh of relief...beht it was the reportn house captn so we lied we came out for fresh air n wr locked out *smh* (now thinkn about it she chopped d lie sha) I walkd into ma dorm sharply got ma inhaler relieved ma self....then I hrd ma name I turned as it turned out this lil juvee had been awake thru out!!! O_o I wanted to kill her I na asked her y she didn't open the door n she tells me she was scared *the fuck* I didn't wanna hear more I just got on ma bed n slept....two years on I still remember exactly what happened like it was yesterday :) I miss secondary. Skul sha smhow smhow *sigh* Just a lil bit sha....

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