Saturday, April 23, 2011

Night Of The Wolf

"Out of the darkness, I'll appear, to dismiss all your sorrows and replace them with happiness"
His words echoed in her mind as she was awakened from her sleep by something which had not been there before. She'd had a headache earlier that day. It began while she was arguing with Jeffrey.
It had taken her more than a year to realise how much she hated Jeffrey and loathed his very aura and soul. But now, she was all past that. She knew he had left, probably to spend the night with one of his mistresses. And then, she sensed whatever had woken her up and knew it was him. He was always around at nights like this.
The room was dark and she knew all the maids and household personnel would have retired to their respective rooms, leaving the house in a state of slumber. She blinked in the darkness and then saw his eyes. They glowed, gathering light and mirroring it back. She reached out and turned on the bedside light and there it stood, bigger than any normal wolf. It stared back at her with eyes quite unlike any ordinary ones.
In a blink, the animal vanished and a man she recognised stood before her. "It's you," she whispered. She stood and a pair of strong male arms closed around her. She shivered for a second and then yielded to the body, warm and strong behind her.
His hands roamed over her body, searching, testing, exploring until, at last, caressing. "Yes." Then she made a small sound. At that, his animal instinct awoke and was driven into a frenzy. He moved her to the bed and said "I can touch you. I can smell you." He bent her body back over his arm and buried his face between her breasts. "Now I want to taste you."
She stood and he knelt before her. He parted her thighs with his hands. "How do I taste?" she asked. But he didn't answer. He was ... preoccupied. A few seconds later, so was she because her sex had begun to pulsate in time to the beating of her heart.
"I am a wolf. I do a lot of things better than a man. You are a clumsy kind. Your talents lie in other directions." At the last word, he took a gentle bite that sent ripples of energy up her spine.
The sheer flow of raw pleasure drowned her will, her intellect, and, finally, her very consciousness of self. Suddenly, he reached out and touched a breast and a savage hunger awoke in her. She wanted him to wipe out her consciousness, her will, as he had the first time. His explorations were now intimate and she found herself electrified by some of the places he found to investigate. He felt the stiffness of her nipples as his thumbs brushed over them.
Finally, he entered her, her hands guiding him in. He started off gently until she wrapped her legs around him, making a whimpering sound. How these noises made his animal side react, he had no idea, but then, he knew it was all he could do to stop the wolf from taking full control. "Deeper," she whispered. "Yes, oh." Her legs, wrapped around him, were as strong as steel. Her nails raked his back, digging his skin, as he drove into her, again and again and again, until she screamed and arched her back beneath him. As she did, he came.
She didn't know how long she slept in his arms, but when she woke she could tell that it was almost dawn.
Not a man, but a wolf lay beside her. He was a giant, even as the mountain wolves went, and she knew he had but toyed with Jeffrey that night. No mere man could stand against this creature. The chain on her neck moved and one of his ears moved. Even in his sleep, she knew he heard the sound. And like that, they lay, him snoozing, she staring at his body, both oblivious of time & space.
Suddenly, sounds outside the room shifted them back to the real world. Apparently, Jeffrey had arrived. From there, things happened very quick. Chris was a wolf again, and Jeffrey, in seeming foolishness, pounced straight on the menacingly giant-sized wolf. The look of fear was evident on Susan's face, as she covered her eyes with her hands, expecting Jeffrey to be mauled immediately. Instead, she heard the muffled sounds of the two bodies wrestling & struggling and the crash of the bedside lamp.
The suprise she felt when she saw Jeffrey & Chris-wolf tumbling all over the rug was tremendous. Jeff had been a linebacker in high school but never would anyone have imagined he could actually engage in mortal combat with this creature from the jaws of hell. All of a sudden, she noticed Jeff's face. 'This is not the man I married', she kept thinking. He looked totally different and not because of any injuries inflicted by Chris. Then she noticed his fangs. Her scream at that discovery seemed to remind both men of her existence. Before she fainted, she asked herself how she had been married to a vampire for all these years...

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