Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dance (1)

So there was a time that dance was my passion, yes I loved it more than writing... don't ask me what happened, frankly speaking I don't know x_x. Well I also loved Jabbawockeez they were this group on Americans best dance crew, I was dead for them and this was one of my performances they were to do Lean with it rock with it by Dem Franchise boys (wonder where those ones are now tho...*shrugs* not like I care :p)
Yup there they are Jabbawockeez....I always wondered why they wore masks well my question was answered at one of their presentations they said or should I say one of 'em said, "we wear mask so that we would be in sync and people would see or fluidity...." On point dancers men!!! I looooooooooooove them :D watch for when one of 'em caught a 'kerchief outta the air while still doing his flairs...I'll be uploading all ma favorite dance videos y'all gotta enjoy 'em :* I don't get how they get to practice and look good cos they live in diff states and only have a couple of hours to practice....they just good mayne!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention they won their season???
I still love you dance, you just ain't my first love no more.....

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  1. What happened with dance, I love your writing, I was just curious as to why you are letting that go. I can relate though, loved to dance at one point, then I let it go cos i believed what people said (that I was too old to "learn" how to dance), and now I feel like a blinding idiot. Anyway just sharing that, if you let it go cos of you, more power. If you let it go cos you think you can't do it, i think you should give it another try. BTW I saw Jabba live in Vegas, they were pretty amazing.